Longevity Pursuit with Cait

Let’s dive deep into longevity philosophy and gather together for a relatable, intention filled offering for the totality of life itself. Opening our field up to the paradigm shift that is occurring, we will focus on mind-body-spirit connection and empower longevity based thinking, living and believing. This event is a free community seminar for both LNPC members and non-members!

I share wisdom from my own healing and personal transformation story and approach dynamic living and aging with a spiritual foundation. You will be guided through a series of ‘Four Awakenings’. Each pillar, building upon waking up to all that you are, to design a life that expands your potential. We will redefine our relationship to aging and journey to deeper spaces, to see life and death more clearly. Here, we grow our awareness of vibration and frequency and ignite conscious intentional living. I will offer digestible perspectives and energetic based tools to help one understand how the synergy of our spirit, mind and body connection can affect how long and well we thrive for.

All you need to live abundantly alive already exists inside of you, let’s wake up to our fullness, take back our innate self healing power and set intentions to be on this earth for as long as spiritually possible.

Register here: https://bit.ly/3qPc1vl


Apr 24 2022


3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

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