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Renew Active™ is now available at Lake Nona Performance Club to help you stay fit, stay focused and stay you. Plus, it’s available at no additional cost with UnitedHealthcare® Medicare plans. Learn more about how you can stay active and healthy at

The Renew Active™ and One Pass Programs provide eligible members access to participating locations at no cost. You will have access to all the services and privileges, and classes that are normally a part of our standard membership. (Extra services that typically include additional fees are not included.)

Below are some frequently asked questions about the program:

  1. Who can use the Renew Active® and One Pass™ Programs?
  • Renew Active:
    • Select plan holders of an eligible Medicare Plan insured by UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company are eligible for the Renew Active Program.
    • AARP Medicare Supplement Plans with UnitedHealthcare in certain states will have access to the Renew Active by UnitedHealthcare gyms and fitness locations.
  • One Pass:
    • Select plan holders of an eligible Medicare or Medicaid plan are eligible for the One Pass Program.

2. Can my spouse or relative use the Renew Active® or One Pass™ programs?:

  • Only plan holders of an eligible Medicare or Medicaid plan can use the Renew Active or One Pass Programs.

3. If I am already a member of Lake Nona Performance Club, do I get access to your facility at no cost to me if I am eligible for the Renew Active® or One Pass™ Programs?:

  • Yes, if you are eligible for Renew Active or One Pass, you will have access to the membership at LNPC at no cost to you even if you are an existing member. You can call the customer service number on your health insurance card to confirm your eligibility.

4. Do I need to show my Renew Active® or One Pass™ Confirmation Code every time I visit your facility?:

  • You only need to provide your Confirmation Code when you register at our facility for the Renew Active or One Pass Programs. After you are registered, you will check-in to our facility through our standard process for members.

5. Is there a website that I can go to in order to learn more about the Renew Active® or One Pass™ Programs?: Yes.

  • For Renew Active members: Existing UnitedHealthcare members should log into their UnitedHealthcare member website, go to Health & Wellness and look for Renew Active. If you are not currently a UnitedHealthcare Medicare plan holder, you can visit for more information.
  • For One Pass members: To learn more, call your health plan customer support or log into your One Pass member website.
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