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Workplace Wellness

At its core, we believe that Wellness is about helping people re-discover the life habits which naturally promote their health and wellbeing. Whether at home or at work, most of us have experienced feeling and performing better when we have simply taken the time to build meaningful relationships, move more, eat more natural foods, find balance, make sleep a priority and nurture the spiritual components of our lives.

However, for many of us, living through a pandemic has forever changed the ways and places that we work as well as the boundaries that exist between our home and work lives. In 2023, work can take on many forms and to adapt, Workplace Wellness solutions must be flexible, fun, dynamic and engaging if they are to captivate the hearts and minds of Executive leaders, managers and employees. At the Lake Nona Performance Club, we offer an approach to promoting Wellness which allows us to curate a solution that is unique to your business, culture and workplace. Among our Workplace Wellness solutions offered by the Lake Nona Performance Club are the following:



•HEALTH EDUCATION CLASSES & WORKSHOPS: Educated and degreed speakers from all backgrounds discuss the latest information that will help advance your health and wellness journey.

•GROUP EXERCISE CLASSES: Take a break from the daily grind and join us in a Group Exercise class with your colleagues @Work.

•VIRTUAL WELLNESS & MOVEMENT CHALLENGES: Online movement, nutrition, and stress management challenges provide a fun and interactive way for your employees to connect with co-workers through our Health & Wellness portal.

•COMPREHENSIVE WELLNESS AND BIOMETRIC SCREENINGS: Onsite lifestyle and biometric screenings that help us measure your employees' current level of health.


•VIRTUAL GROUP EXERCISE CLASS: Join our group fitness instructors live or on demand for chair yoga, meditation, or stretch your way to good health classes. These sessions can fit into any hectic schedule with class durations of 10 minutes to 60 minutes.

•WELLNESS RESOURCES & LIBRARY: Employees will have hundreds of health and wellness resources at their fingertips with our wellness library. These articles focus on fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, stress management, battling depression, how to balance work and life, and so much more.

•WELLNESS@YOUR DESK: Our degreed and certified coaches offer live or on demand exercises focused on staying healthy and feeling good from your desk.

•VIRTUAL WELLNESS & MOVEMENT CHALLENGES: Watch your name rise to the top of the leaderboard amongst your colleagues as we provide insightful challenges to motivate activity @Home throughout your week.


•HEALTH EDUCATION CLASSES & WORKSHOPS: Our highly credentialed staff can provide your company with wellness education seminars including many areas of expertise. Topics may include, but are not limited to diet & nutrition, athletic performance & mobility, sleep health, women’s wellness, and many more!

•PERFORMANCE & FITNESS TESTING: Every BODY has a unique metabolic profile and needs a customized solution. Allow our experts to create a fully integrated plan, individualized for each member of your team. Whether participants are looking to look, feel, or perform better, our professionals at LNPC can help your team reach their goals.

•TEAM BUILDING & WELLNESS ACTIVATION EXPERIENCES: Our group activation experiences are perfect for work teams to participate in together. Build trust with one another in our ROX Climbing Gym, learn to set intentions with Yoga & Meditation in our Chopra Mind-Body Zone, sweat it out in a high energy Group Exercise class, or even have a bit of friendly competition in our Indoor Golf studio, InClubGolf!

•MASSAGE: Allow your team to restore their mind, body, and spirit with massage therapy. Inside the Chopra Mind-Body Spa, guests can experience 1-hour long Chopra Signature or Classic Massages or in a group setting, we can schedule time with our massage therapists to offer 10-minute chair massages.


Find out how your company can experience our Workplace Wellness programming. Chat with a member of our team today to learn more.

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