We are all performers.

The Perform System at Lake Nona is an entire menu of services and program tracks built to support the health and wellbeing needs that are uniquely yours.

We call this your wellbeing “fingerprint” and it is unlike any other; your interests and motivation, your physical ability, even your lifestyle are all components. The PERFORM system is designed to ignite your human potential and discover the best version of you.

Introducing our new Performer Profile Quiz!

Are you looking to start getting after your fitness goals in the new year but don’t quite know where you fit in at the gym? Or maybe you’ve hit a plateau and want to try something new but aren’t sure what else would be a good fit for you? This quiz can help you figure that out! Your results will give you steps to help you get started with our top 3 recommendations for you based on your answers to each question. Take the quiz today at the link below and find out the best way that YOU Perform!

Let’s find out my Performer Profile! 


perform system: compete

Programed to unlock your athletic and human potential through scientific, evidenced-based programming, athletes of all ages and abilities are evaluated and then delivered a customized, and highly refined, training program. Our top-notch Coaches and Trainers are passionate about providing you with the tools needed to realize your success; however you may define it.

perform system: flow

Designed to help you cultivate connectedness and balance between your mind, body and surroundings. PERFORM flow offers a wide-range of classes including Yoga, Barre and Pilates as well as instructor-led programs focused on developing mindfulness and utilizing meditation practices. Allow yourself the experience of a profound sense of relaxation and peace, allowing fatigue and stressors to dissolve away.

perform system: extreme

You’re into heart-pounding, sweat-inducing experiences and the PERFORM extreme track is for you! All LNPC memberships include a vigorous Group Exercise schedule including full immersion cycle studio as well as high intensity-interval-training (HIIT) led by the best instructors around. Want to take it to the next level? UPIT to our Ignite Small Group Training with heart rate monitoring to be sure your workout is motivating as well as efficient. And for the adrenaline junkie, reach your peak performance on the ROX Climbing Gym
40’ tower, the tallest in the region!

perform system: script

This track forms an important bridge that connects medical professionals with health wellness professionals; thereby creating a true continuum of care and wellbeing for our members. We believe that Exercise is Medicine and by integrating our programming with healthcare professionals, we provide a wide range of transitional and preventative programs addressing orthopedic, metabolic and neurological conditions.

perform system: well

A foundational track in the PERFORM System. It is built upon the approach that achieving an individual’s optimal state of health is dependent upon a comprehensive, multiple dimensional view of wellbeing. PERFORM well offers classes, programs, education and events that will enhance not only the physical, but also the social, emotional, intellectual and environmental dimensions of your wellbeing.


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