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Human Performance Lab

Where health, fitness, and science unite. With cutting-edge science, state-of-the art equipment, and highly credentialed staff, the Human Performance Lab will provide the unique ability to assess each individual’s critical metabolic processes and prescribe precise physical activity and corollary wellness programs to maximize wellness outcomes.

  • Metabolic performance testingFoundational assessment of metabolic performance using unique proprietary testing approach. Allows for precision prescription of activity levels for all populations.
  • BiomechanicKey assessment to determine movement efficiency and biomechanical performance
  • Performance nutritionAssessing, counseling and prescribing of nutrition programs for athletes, fitness/wellness and medical populations. Typically paired with performance prescription.
  • Standard performance blood analysisBlood panel that allows for the assessment of fat max, overtraining, nutrition effectiveness, etc. Primarily for athletes.
  • Muscle soundAssessment using cutting-edge technology that predicts readiness for athletic performance and certain medical treatments, likelihood of injury and associated need for nutrition therapy. Applies to athletes, fitness enthusiasts and patient populations
  • Sport psychology/mental coachingSupports psychological aspects of performance at all levels and across the human spectrum
  • Distance coachingInternet and telephonic coaching to support program progress and success for destination athlete and medical populations


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