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GameRDY – Esports Lab

Esports, also known as e-sports, egames or electronic sports is organized, competitive video gaming. Esports can be differentiated into specific gaming genres including, Multiplayer Online Battlefield Arena (MOBA), First Person Shooters (FPS), Real Time Strategy (RTS), and sport simulation games (i.e., Madden NFL, NBA 2K). Esports primarily involves teams competing against each other in tournaments, often for significant cash prizes. There are now literally thousands of professional Esports teams throughout the globe and roughly 175 collegiate esports teams in the United States. These collegiate programs have coaches and offer partial or full ride scholarships for their respective esport athletes.

Magic Gaming is the Orlando Magic’s official NBA2K League affiliate Esports team. In keeping with Lake Nona’s ongoing commitment to bringing innovative solutions to the rapidly growing esports community, the Lake Nona Performance Club will be working with Magic Gaming to address the neurocognitive and human performance training needs of the esport athlete. The integrated health management model of GameRDY at LNPC is ultimately designed to improve the health, wellbeing, performance, quality-of-life and career sustainability of professional and elite Gamers[2]. We have the unique ability to bring the following core components and project partners to the Gaming community:


Mindset Training

Perform better and longer by utilizing a unique approach to sports and performance psychology. The goal of mindset training is to help the esport athlete enter a stage of conscious competence, allowing them to design their own mental training and preparation plans. The Chopra Mind-Body Zone programming at LNPC will primarily focus on the practice of mindfulness as a method to enhance self-awareness and emotional resiliency of the esports athlete.

Physical Assessment & Training

with LNPC's EDGE Sports Performance Program and Precision Rx Human Performance Lab. A team of highly trained exercise professionals and human performance scientists (physiologists, athletic trainers, performance coaches, registered dietitians) will assess the esport athlete’s functional and performance capacity.

Cognitive Training

with Nestre, the world’s leader in neurocognitive training for elite performance athletes. Nestre is able to create an evidence-based, cognitive performance plan uniquely customized to each esport athlete.

Lake Nona Performance Club is unique because of our ability to bring a combination of resources and project partners to the esports community which comprehensively addresses the health and performance requirements of elite gamers.

Interested in GameRDY programming at LNPC? Contact Jay Groves at JGroves@iwp-llc.com.


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