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Aerial Yoga For Beginners: What Is It, And What Are The Benefits?

Looking to try something new? Want to exercise without putting too much pressure on your body?

Let us introduce you to aerial yoga.

What Is Aerial Yoga?

Aerial Yoga for Beginners

Aerial yoga, or anti-gravity yoga, involves the same poses as standard yoga… but in the air! Using silk hammocks that are suspended, you can go through motions that flow from pose to pose.

It combines traditional asana and yoga philosophies with aerial art.

Aerial yoga allows you to do challenging poses without putting pressure on your shoulders, spine, or head like mat yoga may.

Aerial Yoga Tips for Beginners

Tips for Aerial Yoga Beginners

Haven’t tried an aerial class before? Here are a few tips to help make the class as enjoyable as possible:

  • Eat a small snack beforehand, but not a complete meal – You don’t want to bog yourself down or make yourself sick with a full meal. However, a small snack an hour or two before performing this physical activity will help you to keep your energy levels high. A banana & an english muffin would make a perfect pre-workout snack to keep blood sugar levels in check & to have some carbohydrates to help fuel your workout.
  • Trust the hammock– No matter your shape, size or ability, you can enjoy aerial yoga.
  • Avoid wearing loose clothes – Wear fitted pants and a fitted workout shirt to cover the underarms to help you avoid chafing from the sling or hammock.
  • Take off jewelry – Jewelry can get caught on the hammock or sling.
  • Start slow and go easy – Listen to your body as you perform this physical activity.
  • Relax! – Be sure to relax and enjoy the experience! This is sure to make any yoga class or physical activity more successful.
  • Ask questions and voice concerns – If you have a question for your instructor, speak up!
  • Modify poses if needed – Some poses can be modified if you are not able to perform some of them. Ask your instructor for more information.

Remember, aerial yoga is supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable, so don’t forget to let go and have fun. If a pose is uncomfortable or difficult, ask your instructor for help.

Why Sign Up for An Aerial Yoga Class? Benefits Of Aerial Yoga

Benefits of Aerial Yoga

1. Improved Flexibility And Balance

Studies show that aerial yoga can improve flexibility and balance. With the hammocks, you can safely stretch your muscles and tendons without putting too much strain on them.

2. Joint Decompression

These workouts can also help improve joint mobility and open up tight areas, relieving any pain or tension. As time goes on, gravity and age can compress your joints. The act of hanging upside down and inverting can decompress these joints.

This class is perfect for those with bad backs because it releases tension in the hips and decompresses the spine without putting pressure on your back.

3. Reduce Risk For Heart Disease

Aerial yoga has many of the same benefits as a walk or leisurely cycle. One major benefit is reducing risk factors that are associated with cardiovascular heart disease.

Some of the factors it can help to improve are your body weight, resting and maximal heart rate, oxygen uptake, and blood pressure.

4. Low To Moderate Intensity

Fifty minutes of aerial yoga can burn upwards of 300 calories, making it low to moderate-intensity exercise perfect for beginners. The intensity levels will depend on if you are doing aerial yoga for beginners or if you’re in a more advanced class.

5. Better Mood And Mental Health

Aerial yoga can lead to improvements in depression and stress. This is due to the movement which can help release endorphins and the philosophies that guide aerial yoga. Additionally, the inverted position allows blood to flow to your brain, providing oxygen to help your brain function.

Aerial yoga focuses on breathing and meditation, allowing you to focus on positive thoughts and clear your mind of burdens. Aerial yoga is often less competitive and strenuous, so it allows you to relax fully.

6. Build Strength

You can build core and upper body strength since you must maintain stability in poses without using the ground for support. Holding onto the hammock engages and tones your abs, shoulders, and arms.

While aerial yoga isn’t very intensive, it does include a lot of cardio, which can help build muscle mass and decrease fat mass.

Start Relaxing & Sign Up For Your First Aerial Yoga Class for Beginners

The Chopra Mind-Body Zone’s Aerial yoga classes are a great place to find your center while getting some exercise. There are various aerial classes to choose from led by Chopra Certified instructors.

We offer 45-minute aerial yoga classes, restorative aerial yoga classes, aerial conditioning classes, and aerial meditation classes. The restorative aerial classes take place in a low-hanging hammock to release tension in the hips and decompress the spine. Poses are held for two to four minutes to allow for a deeper stretch and help to promote relaxation of the total body, mind, and spiritual well-being.

The aerial conditioning class focuses on building strength for your aerial practice and is open to all levels. Learn techniques that will help you tone your muscles and refine your aerial skills.

The aerial meditation class elevates the way you meditate! Relax into the Aerial hammocks while you are guided into a deep meditation. At the end of the class, enjoy sound healing with crystal bowls for a transcendent experience.

If you are not ready to join the Chopra Mind-Body Zone, you can drop in for the day or purchase a 10-visit punch pass. Become a member today to take advantage of our discounted rates and extra amenities.

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