“Spring” Into Wellness in the Chopra Mind-Body Zone

Lake Nona Performance Club invites you to “spring” into wellness this month with a Chopra Mind-Body Zone membership. Not only will you get access to a variety of yoga, meditation, and pilates classes led by experienced instructors, but you also become part of a community that shares your passion for wellness and self-improvement.

When signing up for your LNPC membership…

  • Purchase one month of the Chopra Mind-Body Zone at the discounted rate of $50 (normally $70) and receive 30% off your enrollment fee.
  • Purchase a Go With the Flow massage for $99 in our Chopra Mind-Body Spa and receive 40% off your enrollment fee.
  • Purchase one month of the Chopra Mind-Body Zone + a Go With the Flow massage for $149 and receive 50% off your enrollment fee.

Our Go With the Flow massage is a 60-minute Ayurvedic circulatory massage designed to meet your desired level of pressure and areas of focus. A trained massage therapist will apply direct and pressured strokes to open up your circulatory system and energy channels and soothe and relax tense muscles.

Ready to clear things up? Join us to unlock a steady flow of intelligence, information, and nutrients through your body.

A Chopra Mind-Body Zone membership features mindfully selected classes with an intimate, boutique feel.

  • Our Chopra Signature Yoga classes explore Chopra’s 7 Spiritual Laws of Yoga to experience greater health, joy, & peace in your life.
  • Our Chopra Signature Meditation classes guide you through a mantra-based practice to quiet your mind and discover inner stillness.
  • Our Aerial classes provide an anti-gravity full body practice that take place in aerial silks to promote body, mind, and spirit well-being.
  • Pilates Reformer classes feature multi-level formats designed to bring you deeper into a mind-body connection through experiencing a variety of movements on the Reformer.

Unwind your mind, strengthen your body, and improve your overall wellbeing in the Chopra Mind-Body Zone at Lake Nona Performance Club. Click here to book a tour today. 

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