Receive Up to 60% OFF Your Enrollment Fee in May!

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This month, we are offering an enrollment fee discount of UP TO 60% OFF with the purchase of a Personal Training Package!

Take your health and fitness journey one step further with guidance from one of our Certified Personal Trainers, each with a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, as well as a Nationally accredited Personal Training Certification.

Any personal trainer will tell you, the reasons people work with a personal trainer are unique to each individual. Many reasons we all know: get stronger, look good in the mirror, and feel healthier. While most people think of physical improvements being the primary motivators, many individuals simply need a scheduled appointment to be accountable, want to move without pain or limitations, are looking for stress relief, or looking to completely change their life.

With Lake Nona Performance Club being a medically-integrated health and wellness center, we have high expectations and qualifications for our Personal Trainers and Strength Coaches. With a minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, as well as a Nationally accredited Personal Training Certification, our team has the dedication to their craft to meet your expectations. Many gyms have trainers with just a weekend certification, and many popular fitness influences on social medial have no certifications or education! There is a growing level of fitness and health related misinformation being spread through social media. We want to help you understand the basics, build a strong foundation, and do what works in reaching your health and fitness goals!

Personal Training is for ANY type of Performer!

Are you a beginner? 

Working with a Trainer will allow you to learn how to not waste your time in the gym with efficient and effective exercise methods. Trainers hear often, “I don’t want to workout or do weight training because I don’t know where to start.”  This overwhelming feeling can be debilitating, and you’re not alone, we’ve all been there. The fun part is realizing how truly easy it is to start, and how much stronger you are than you know!  Helping a beginner realize their strength, ability, and potential, is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a fitness professional.

Are you a little more advanced?

Maybe you’re a little more seasoned in the gym and motivation is not required for your routine – that’s awesome! But that routine might also be holding you back from that next level of ability you’re reaching for. Maybe inefficient movement patterns might be setting you up for a future injury, the lack of exercise variety might be limiting your strength progress, or a few lifestyle tweaks could be the factors that make those muscles more visible! We all have mentors and leaders, and the best professional athletes have coaches and trainers to make them even just a little bit better. Our team is confident that we can provide what you need to reach that next level.

Here’s how to get started:

Every LNPC member can receive complimentary Launch Assessments to get a great baseline of your current fitness, and get recommendations from our Personal Trainers to find what will be the best methods for reaching your goals. If you’re looking for that next level of guidance and training, sign up for our Jump Start Personal Training package, for either 2 or 3 intro sessions at a great discount.

Continue your training with Packages or Recurring Training sessions for 30 or 60-minute sessions.

Each of our Trainers has a unique personality, style, skills, and previous experience to best match you and your goals. In addition to the multitude of fitness professionals on our team with Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D.s in Exercise Science, you’ll find one common factor: a passion for helping others. 

Become a member today and get your discounted enrollment fee with the purchase of a PT package. Let us help you Perform at your highest potential!

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