Perform Together: Membership Referral Program

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Bringing out the best in each other!

Accountability is key to seeing and feeling results when it pertains to exercise, diet, and physical performance. We know that we must hold ourselves accountable; but what makes any wellness path more enjoyable and leads to seeing more results is when we have someone along on our journey with us.

At the LNPC we have launched “Perform Together,” our member referral program. No matter who you bring along – friends, families, or neighbors, when they join, you both win!

Hear from our very own staff at LNPC on why it’s better to “Perform Together.”

“Accountability is helpful for me to get me out of my comfort zone and out of my regular routine.  A friendly nudge from a friend to try something new is massively motivating!”

-RoQue Harmon, Fitness & Wellness Manager

“I believe 24/7 Motivation is a myth. It comes down to discipline, encouragement, accountability, and the constant reassessment and realignment with your goals. Without accountability, without a team of people with resources (be it technology or energy or knowledge or simply a goal), none of us would be able to perform in excellence.”

– Felicia Santiago, LNPC Group Exercise & Wellbeing Coordinator

“I love working out with friends! I know I’m more likely to actually show up to the gym if I am meeting a friend for a group class!”

-Julie Riezenman, Member Experience Coordinator

Come Perform with us and learn about Perform Together Program here.

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