MEET THE TEAM: Brent Salazar, Sports Performance Manager

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Introducing Brent Salazar, Sports Performance Manager at Lake Nona Performance Club.

Sports have been a part of Brent Salazar’s life since he learned to walk in his hometown of Denver, Colo. Football, tennis, basketball, soccer, swimming – he did it all. As Brent moved into high school, he zoned in on tennis. He went on to become a Division 1 tennis player at the University of New Mexico (UNM). It was at UNM that Brent became passionate about building a better athlete through strength & conditioning, mental skills, athletic training, physical therapy, nutrition and athletic development. He graduated from UNM in 2003 with an exercise physiology degree.

The foundation to everything Brent does is consistent: reduce injuries, improve movement patterns and improve performance. For the past two decades, Brent has transformed all levels of athletes from youth and amateur to collegiate to world-class. He has built best-in-class programs and facilities to achieve maximum results for individuals and teams including the United States Tennis Association (USTA), the National Football League’s (NFL) Minnesota Vikings (head strength and conditioning coach) and Kansas City Chiefs (assistant strength and conditioning coach) as well as University of Nevada Las Vegas (graduate intern) and the University of the Pacific (assistant director of athletic performance). Early in his career, Brent interned at the NFL’s Denver Broncos, Athletes Performance and University of New Mexico.

Most recently, Brent was the Director of Performance for the USTA Player Development National Campus at Lake Nona in Orlando, Fla. During his time at the national campus, Brent oversaw Player Development’s Strength and Conditioning team and was responsible for optimizing the support that the USTA provides to American players with the “Performance Team” model. His focus included strength & conditioning, mental skills, athletic training, physical therapy, nutrition, and athletic development.

Brent has trained athletes in the following sports: football, tennis, golf, basketball, softball, baseball, swimming & diving, field hockey, volleyball, water polo, track & field, soccer. No matter where he’s coaching or what type of athlete he’s working with, Brent focuses on players’ physical development, mental toughness and wellbeing. He has been successful as a strength and condition coach because he work directly with coaches and players to understand the fundamental movements that make up the KPIs for each sport and position. Through that knowledge, Brent is able to help players focus on critical movements while building strength that improves performance. This approach has been proven time and time again as Brent has pushed hundreds of players to the next level.

It sounds simple but Brent believes that in order to create successful and sustainable long-term athletic development, the focus needs to be on key buckets: movement, mobility, strength, power and Energy System Development (ESD). Focusing on these buckets drives organization, tracking and success. The beauty behind his philosophy is that these buckets complement each other and impact how much and with what he can fill them. These buckets will then assist in developing the standard for each age/stage of growth. All stages will have a standard for each bucket, but each stage will focus on a different amount and intensity. Completion of these standards will help progress the athlete into the next phase of development. The goal behind Brent’s philosophy is to create the most well-rounded athletes that are durable, adaptable and decrease incidence and time of injury.  This approach creates effective movers with increased performance.

Throughout his career, athletes, coaches and front office executives can attest to Brent’s abilities, professionalism, focus on building strong relationships, ability to listen and respond, his ability to lead a team and finally, his ability to get results no matter the sport or level. LNPC Brent Salazar Family

Brent lives in Lake Nona with his wife, Kendra, and their three young children, Ella, Ty and Vivian. They also have two playful boxers. The family love spending time together whether it be playing at the park, splashing around at the pool or cheering on their favorite teams. Brent and Kendra often workout together and have found fun and engaging ways to include the kids. All three kids are having fun trying new activities and sports from gymnastics, flag football, soccer and more! Brent and his family have lived in Lake Nona for four years and enjoy morning and evening walks around the community plus playing at local beaches

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